Card Processing

PASPX offers eMerchant acquiring services as well as eMoney account with related payment cards. This is a full-service option and the eMerchant will be able to receive proceeds from their web shop, manage cashflow and make payments directly from the eMoney account or by debit card; with a state of the art real-time gateway tool for managing the card flows and associated risks.

Gateway Overview

  • Gateway Payment service for card-not-present eMerchants real-time processing transactions.

  • Access to a full reporting and reconciliation platform with risk and transaction processing tools to provide the eMerchant with a deeper understanding of their business and processing trends.

  • Virtual Terminal allowing pre-authorisation, sales, refunds and voids.

  • Leading Fraud Detection tools and pre-set thresholds allow eMerchants to establish their own fraud prevention parameters.

  • Real-time reports, charting, graphs and tables to keep track of sub-agents, merchants, sales, transactions and more.

  • The tools offered, effectively reduce chargebacks to reduce eMerchant liability and improve business profitability.


Our payment gateway is based on a proprietary real time gateway technology encompassing strong corporate governance and independently audited PCI DSS compliance. It provides online tools, secure access management, secure GDPR compliant messaging systems, real time risk management, client and end user support. Transactions are secured with SSL and data is encrypted. 3-D Secure, antifraud tools and identity verification tools, including CVV2/CVC2, AVS and GeoIP, are all elements of the gateway offering.


User-friendly management



Fraud Prevention

Comprehensive analysis of transaction data is preformed using several methods simultaneously, including using third-party data, transaction history and multiple blacklists.

The antifraud system includes analysing devices used for payments for the payers’ geo-location. The system uses multiple methods for monitoring card authorizations and react in real time based on time and volume parameters, reacting instantly to any indication that the transaction falls outside the normal pattern of usage.


The reporting and reconciliation tool will analyse transaction processing, marketing and risk data to provide eMerchants with greater visibility and understanding of their business and processing trends.

Through a real-time online dashboard, the eMerchants can analyse their multi-national transaction data by viewing real-time statistical reports. eMerchants will be able to use the reporting and reconciliation tool to;

  • Analyse authorisation performance
  • Make Risk Assessment
  • Dynamically Analyse Transaction Activity
  • Make Profitability Analysis
  • Forecast Chargeback, Fraud & Refund
  • Custom Made Analysis

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal module allows your
business to organization to accept any
card over the phone or through the
mail (MOTO) and obtain authorizations
quickly and securely in real time over the

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