E-Money Account

PASPX offers eMoney accounts as alternatives to standard bank accounts. An eMoney account enables fast and easy online money transfers to other eMoney accounts with PASPX as well as any bank in the world in multiple currencies, using SWIFT or SEPA money transfer systems or in certain cases national payment tools.

eMerchants will receive debit cards linked to the eMoney account, allowing them to make payments anywhere in the world.

PASPX eMoney accounts are issued in the following base currencies; DKK, EUR, GBP or USD. Other currencies may be applied on a case by case basis. Payments to and from the account can be executed in most currencies.

eMoney account deposits are segregated accounts by law and secured against default, bankruptcy, insolvency and litigation. This means that the eMoney is safe as opposed to the €100.000 deposit guarantee that applies to private and corporate depositors at regular banking institutions.

Company Info

Søvangsvej 1-5, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark
Company Reg. No. (DK)31778964
FSA eMoney license FT 40503
BIN DK-1190

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